On the banks of the mighty Mississippi River sits the Castle Bed and Breakfast.

The Castle is 105 years old with a lot of charm. It has 4 bedrooms with views of the Mississippi that just can not be beat. The whole house is available for family getaways or couples needing time away.

The town, Sabula, is a quite unique destination. It's Iowa's only island city as it sits in the middle of the Mississippi river.

If you are looking for peace and quiet...somewhere you can sit on the porch and just watch the river go by, the Castle is for you.

Besides seeing the wildlife on the Mississippi River, you will see the barges and boats roll down the river, the trains crossing the bridge to Savanna. There is biking and boating available on the island. A local favorite for boating is Pleasure on the Pontoon. You can bike up to Korner Stop Ice Cream Shoppe in Sabula to grab some ice cream. For food there is K&J Hop-N-Shop which has gas and pizza or the Restaurant which is a nice diner. If you are wanting a cocktail or beer on the island you can find that at the Homeport  or Sabula VFW.

The town, Savanna, is a bridge away and it has beautiful hiking trails at Palisades State Park. If you are looking for entertainment at night there is Poopy's and Iron Horse Social Club.

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Credit for video is a local, Ed Ritchie. You can view the East Side of Sabula along the Mississippi River!